Transparency, ethics and integrity

Ethical and regulatory compliance is essential in the development of activities

COMSA Corporación considers it essential to carry out its activities on the basis of ethical and regulatory compliance criteria. The group approved its Code of Ethics for the first time in 2011, and since then it has been revised on several occasions by the Board of Directors. The purpose of this document is to establish the values, commitments and principles of action that should guide the daily work of all members of the administrative bodies, managers, and employees of the group.

You can consult  COMSA Corporación’s Code of Ethics here.

COMSA Corporación ensures knowledge, understanding and compliance with the provisions of the Code of Ethics and the Protocols, Policies and other internal regulations that develop it through its Ethics Committee, which has been set up and its members appointed by the Board of Directors and has autonomous powers of initiative and control in carrying out its functions. The Ethics Committee is also responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of COMSA Corporación’s ethical channel.

Consult here the group’s Criminal and Antibribery Compliance Policy and the Reporting, Internal Investigations and Corporate Reactions Channel Management Protocol.

Jorge Miarnau, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Chairman of the Committee


Guillermo Lorenzo, Infrastructure and Engineering General Director
Board Member


Manuel Fonseca, Corporate Economic Services General Director
Board Member


Santiago Sanjosé, Director of Administration and Corporate Control
Board Member


Ignacio Ponz, Human Resources Director
Board Member


Carles Mases, Legal Department director
Ethics Committee Secretary

The ethical channel

The ethical channel is a communication tool that allows both the internal personnel of COMSA Corporación and the group’s companies and third parties to inform the Ethics Committee of any situation of non-compliance with the law, the Code of Ethics or the internal rules that develop it.