Innovation and technology at its best

Following the requirements of its clients and thanks to its extensive experience in the execution of projects, COMSA Bio&Pharma carries out studies of innovation in materials, filter elements and technical solutions that can provide a plus of effectiveness and efficiency to all the projects it develops.

COMSA Bio&Pharma is the best technological partner to develop innovative solutions that allow plant optimization and adequate energy efficiency.




For years, COMSA has integrated the BIM methodology into its production process, allowing it to work from a digital model in its projects executed in the civil works and installations phase. This working method improves productivity by reducing execution times and costs derived from the problems of coordination and integration of all the elements involved in a pharmaceutical project.



To meet the sterilisation needs of the pharmaceutical and hospital world, COMSA Bio&Pharma integrates certified sterilisation systems suitable for surgical and medical materials that do not withstand heat or chemical treatments. In this case, it uses systems based on the use of ETO (ethylene oxide), a technology that has been developed for a long time, but which requires continuous improvements in control systems, containment, staff safety and validation of the process based on the parameterisation of concentrations and ventilation.



COMSA Bio&Pharma’s philosophy is based on the development of integral projects, from the start and design of the project to “turnkey” delivery, providing construction solutions for civil works that improve execution times, versatility of the solution and possible modifications to the plant to adapt the civil construction itself to new manufacturing processes. In this way, we have developed structural solutions (prefabricated, mixed structures, etc.), as well as interior finishes, enclosures and modular construction systems.